Tuesday, March 15, 2011

여름향기 (Summer scent)

En français
여름향기 is a Korean drama in 20 episodes from 2003.

Shim Hye Won is suffering from a heart deceases and had had a heart transplant few years ago, she can then live normally and run as she always wanted. She has been raised by her parents' friends and is now to be engaged to their son Park Jung Jae. Yoo Min Woo's love Soh Eun Hye died few years ago in a car accident and he never could managed to forget her until the day when he falls in love with Hye Won who behave strangely more like Eun Hye than like herself.

I like especially the music in this drama and the fact that Hye Won's heart recognizes Min Woo, it's like loving without reason just because your body is telling you that it's the right thing to do even when everything else is against it. Love doesn't need to reason to be here, it just needs to be felt. I can totally understand why Hye Won and the people around thought that she was becoming crazy but it's not the heart that made her a new person behaving differently than her own self, it's love itself.

Casting :
 송승헌 as Yoo Min Woo (가을동화 Autumn tales, He was cool)
손예진 as Shim Hye Won (외출 (外出, April Snow), 천년여우 여우비 (Yobi, the five tailed fox))
류진 as Park Jung Jae
한지혜 as Park Jung Ah (B형 남자친구, My boyftiend is type B)
신애 as Soh Eun Hye
조은숙 as Oh Jang Mi
안정훈 as Ji Dae Poong
김해숙 as Yoo Min Woo's mother (겨울연가 Winter sonata, 가을동화 Autumn tales)

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