Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Vampire heart, part 3

So we passed half of the month and I'm still amazingly on track with my words. I felt behind my own 2000 words schedule twice but always made it back, once by writing 3400+ words in one session and yesterday by just getting 2700+. Of course as I am more efficient at writing in the evening, the word count of the day gets kind of confusing when I pass midnight but anyway I am happy with my word count and I think I can relax during this week-end trip.

So how is the story going. Actually pretty fine. Viorel killed one more person than expected. My friend has been telling me that he is one character I can't control as he is stronger than me. Maybe, or maybe I was just feeling like writing something completely crazy. I kind of wonder why I didn't get more descriptive on that part. Sometimes I'm scaring myself a little bit with character crazy torturing minds maybe that's why I keep it sustainable. Maybe I'll write in really crazy later just for myself. Anyway...
I also figured out a way to explain more about Viorel's past and what is happening in Transylvania. I mean those vampires are not angels, they want blood and they want Viorel dead. And you want to know why obviously. But you'll have to wait next post for that. Oh, I wrote it already, just yesterday, 2700+ words, and I know that it's going to surprise everybody who read the rest as soon as it's out but I want to let you enjoy Viorel being crazy first before meeting the rest of the crew. So stay tuned and if you really can't wait for more, just yell at me in the comments below. Viorel will love that.
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