Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Demon and fairy part 7

This blog hasn't been pretty quite for the last few weeks, but it seems that it's going to get a bit better.
I recently moved to the US for two months so you can expect to see a bit of things about that in the section travel. I haven't been seeing around much for the moment but you will get something to read when I find something interesting to write about. I'm also planing to finish the travel part about Ireland before the end of the month.

About this month challenge : I'm late with my word count, 16323 words when I should be at 21930, but I'm not too worried about it. I'll catch up as soon as I stop suffering of the jet lag. I could probably get back on track before the end of the week. At least that's the plan.
Also here is what I wrote so far for AugNoWriMo, I hope you will enjoy it.
All Novels Draft

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I also would like to thank Yonefendi for his nice comment that's the type of encouragement that help me to want writing this blog every day.

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