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가을동화 Autumn tales

En français
가을동화 is a Korean drama (2000) and first part of the KBS TV drama series Endless Love in 16 episodes. I already wrote a post on the second part 겨울연가.

When she is about 13 years old, Yoon Eun-suh has a road accident. At that moment her family realized that her blood group is different from her parents and that she has been exchanged at birth with Choi Shin Ae.
She is living in a rich family and his very close to her brother Yoon Joon-suh. Choi Shin Ae is at the contraly living with her mum and brother in a poor restaurant. When she realized that her real family is rich, she decide to go live with them but there is no more place for Eun-suh. The family leave for the US leaving her behind.
When he comes back about 10 years latter, Yoon Joon-suh meet Eun-suh again and fall in love with her.

This is a very sad story from the beginning until the end. Despite the nice casting, 송승헌 (He was cool), 송혜교 (풀하우스), I prefered 겨울연가 by far. I think the two main character were a bit called and I find it difficult to believe that the father thought abandonning the daughter he raised for 13 years to take the one that share his blood was the good decision to make.
But I really liked the beginning of the story and the music. Also, 원빈 was brilliant.
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