Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Cooking : The King Table

En français

Oh, that's a great name for a meal. I got the idea while watching 6 episodes of 大長今 in a row. Maybe I should watch them more often and maybe I should also stop being lazy and finally get rid of the subtitles.
Anyway, tonight I came up with this meal and as 長今 is cooking great tables for the Korean king (much better than this one though) I called it "The King Table"
The first bowls on the top is rice,
in the second bowls you have the vegetables
and in the last ones an egg.
The black sauce is a mixed of soy sauce and red vinegar.
In the big plate it's spring onions pancakes. Yummy.

Now the recipes :

The vegetables :

Cut some carrots, mushrooms, cucumbers and tomatoes in dices
Cook them in a pan with sesame oil
Add rice and red vinegar and cumin.

The egg :

Separate the white and yellow parts of an egg.
Put the white part in a bowl.
Put the bowl in bain-marie until the egg is cooked.
Add some carrots and cucumbers pieces on the top to decorate.

The spring onion pancakes :

Slice the spring onions thinly.
Put them in a bowl with the yellow part of the eggs not used previously.
Add flour and milk.
Cook the pancake in a pan using sesame oil.


  1. Do you mean I am a king...? ;)

  2. Gregory ArmstrongJune 3, 2009 at 6:06 PM

    Maybe I should try it for next international dinner!!!

  3. Yeah, maybe you're a king... haha
    You guys really only think about your stomach anyway, so funny