Wednesday, April 2, 2008

First Conference and Giant Causeway

En français Last week, on Wednesday, I gave my first conference. That was OK but also a bit (very) scary. First of all I was suppose to speak at 2.30 pm, so to be the second speaker of the day. The problem was that my supervisor couldn't make it on time, so I was moved to 8.35 pm, that is that I gave the last talk. I had all the day to be under pressure. I was doing fine until the last session. I was really scared and shaking like crazy during the two talks before mine. Hopefully, I don't know how but I managed to calm down before giving my talk, and did it well. I was feeling much better afterwards. My talk title was : "Inner-shell processes in Ne+ at photon energies between 25 and 41 eV". Apparently I was a bit confusing when talking about threshold. Then on Friday we had the trip to Giant Causeway. It was raining at the beginning but then sunny, the wind was so strong that I managed to dry and I also was even thinking I was going to fly away. Giant Causeway is one of The 1000 Natural Wonder Of The World You Must See. 999 to go. It's really a beautiful landscape. Travel table of content

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