Sunday, March 30, 2008

Korean amigurumi

En français

So far I have three Korean amigurumi.

The first one's name is 마시마로 (Mashimaro). He was introduce to me by a friend two years ago. He is a naughty rabbit, but cute and funny. You can meet him and his friends here. He is the hero of the first cartoon made in animation flash. On his web site you can see cartoons, some stories and cute pictures.

The second one is 뻬루, he comes from a Korean drama called 이 죽일놈의 사랑 (A love to kill). He is a bit of a mix between a dog and a boxing rabbit.
I like this drama very much, of course the fact that 비 (Rain) is playing in it is also great.

The third one is 뿌까 (Pucca). She is a 10 year old Korean girl, that like eating Zamzam and run after her lover 가루 (Garu) a very well trained ninja. You can see the flash animation here.

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