Sunday, April 6, 2008

Center Europe Tour Interrail 2005 : Introduction

En français

A friend of mine wanted me to talk about me travels on my blog as she find that it can be interesting, so here we are.
In 2005, we traveled around center Europe with an Interrail ticket for 2 weeks. The Interrail ticket allows you to choose a zone (or several) in Europe and travel in it the way you want by train.
We choose this time to travel in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark and Prague. That is the yellow zone on the map. Prague was out of the zone but we really wanted to visit it, then being so close was the good occasion.
That was a great trip, we mostly had nice weather and it was a good way for me to practice my German.
The basic rules for the trip was to try to sleep in the train most of the night to be able to visit a maximum of places and spend less money on accommodation.
The best web site to find train hours in mostly all Europe to prepare your trip is here.

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