Thursday, October 25, 2018

Thursday Fiction 190: Parallel Slip

Welcome back to a new part of Parallel Slip, where we follow the adventures of Frederique through her slip in different parallel universes.
Let's start right where we left off last week.

"All right, thanks for making me feel better, now I'm calling them."
She took her phone and a deep breath and dialed her home number. I wondered why they didn't call her but let her call. She had said they they would call Alex if she didn't call. Why bother going through him when she had a phone too and they could get to her directly? There was Alex's words on one hand and I knew it was hard for him too even if he seemed to have it a lot easier than Amy. They were competing for their parents love and that was pretty awful because no of them was ever going to win.
The phone seemed to ring for ever before someone picked up on the other side.
"Alex said you wanted to talk to me," Amy said going as straight to the point as Tucker. No hello, no how are you, that made me slightly uncomfortable. I think I would at least have tried to be polite. I made a move to leave but she grabbed my hand and held it tight. On the other side of the line, one of her parents was going on and on and on and Amy was clenching her jaws and closing her eyes and she held unto me as if she needed all my energy.

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