Monday, February 13, 2017

Azone Excute Box opening and Review: Aoto Winter Gymnasium (with video)

As you can't get Yuta without Aoto... here we go.
I know that a lot of people tend to prefer Yuta but I'm sort of an Aoto girl. Maybe because Aoto was in fact my first Azone pureneemo doll, in his rabbit mad hatter glory.
I found his version of him second hand on amazon Japan. I went to check for him as soon as I found Yuta on yahoo auction and bought him jst after winner the auction so I was sure to have the two of them as a pair. Personally, I hate it when I get only one doll in the series and I have to look for the rest of them forever, it takes way too much brain space for my liking.
Anyway, I got him and he is absolutely adorable. At first I thought that being older released, they wouldn't be as detailed as the newer version but I was mistaken, these dolls are made with the same care. The only real difference is in the body range of motion, for example they can't put their arms away from their body horizontally.
The nice thing about this version of the boys is that they look much younger than the mad hatter boys that I had before so now I can take different kind of pictures with different age range.

Here is the video.

And here are some pictures

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