Sunday, February 12, 2017

Azone Excute Box opening and Review: Yuta Winter Gymnasium (with video)

So Azone announced a Alice's tea party doll Raili Alice version with pink hair, green eyes and white outfit. I'm not sure yet how I feel about her to be honest. Part of the problem is I was really hoping for Yuta and Aoto to show up as Otogi no Kuni.
Azone has been playing with Alice like forever, we already have Koron Alice, Aoto and Yuta mad hatter, Himeno Tick tock rabbit and Aika Cheshire cat. So I'm hoping that this Raili is just a random Alice series and that they will go back and finish Otogi no Kuni after that.

Anyway, since no Aoto and Yuta have been announced... and I randomly fell upon this little guy in yahoo auction and it seemed that nobody else wanted him... He is mine! MINE!!! *mouhahaha*

This Yuta release is from 2011. He is the Yuta 冬のギムナジウム (Winter Gymnasium) and he is super cute. He comes dress like a little school boy with the school uniform including a hat and coat for winter. He also has an awesome school bag that can be carried in 3 different way. I was really amazed at all the details in this character. I'm really happy to give him a home.

Here are some pictures

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