Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Trip to the azone store, special Black Raven expo (with video)

I went to the Azone store yesterday. There were having the special Azone 50cm Black Raven event. Black Raven Dolls are characters from Azone line of 50cm doll. There are four characters Luluna, Amane, Cecily, Lilia. I think all version were at the expo. You can find a list here (though it doesn't have the limited dolls unless you click on the individual pictures.)

I like the azone 50cm but for the moment I haven't resolved myself into getting more than one.
They are really awesome to look at though.
Then there were also 4 special versions, one for each characters called the winter date. Those are ooak version that are going to be sold I think through a lottery.
As usual I also took the opportunity to take pictures of the other dolls exposed in the store which include the excute otogi no kuni, pureneemo with different outfits, lil'fairies, pullip and the newest azone 50cm release Nanaka.

Here are some pictures:

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