Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Wednesday Snippet: Demon World 84

Welcome to a new part Demon World unedited. We start right where we left of last time.
As she was getting more and more frustrated, he was growing angrier and angrier. It wasn’t his fault that his memory was gone of course. It was all because of his soul which had been stolen. The soul was carrying your most important memories and you sense of self. He was blaming her for trying to force him to remember, he was blaming her for not accepting him as who he was, he was blaming her because she was still the same and he had changed. At the end she had started to go through the only thing she could think of, because he wouldn’t help her, if he every was convinced to help her one day, the next he would have forgotten and she would have to explain everything again. Depending on his mood he would try or not. She had started to space up their meetings to be able to concentrate on a solution, reliving the same day with him, the same conversation ever and ever again for month was too hard to bear. She had isolated herself in the library, going to him only when she thought that she had finally found a solution but the spell never worked until he decided to say good-bye forever. He had other friend and a new girlfriend who was glued to him so that he could never forget her, and she was a demon. 
Brownie wasn’t welcomed in his life anymore. But in her depressed state, she couldn’t understand, thinking about it was still bringing tears to her eyes, Yue had been her everything and the demons had taken that away making her less than nothing for him. She had sworn revenge, she had locked herself up in the library once again and look for a spell and she had finally found it but as Yue wasn’t with her in the circle when she had casted it, as she had made this only mistake, Sahel had appeared, baby Sahel with Yue’s bright purple shining soul dancing in his crying eyes. And of course she had loved him from the very first moment. But she knew that she would never cast that spell again, it was too painful for her to remember.

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