Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Wednesday Snippet: Demon World 83

Welcome to a new part Demon World unedited. We start right where we left of last time.
He had only one deep blue eye so light that it was almost white. The other had been replaced by a strange looking ball of glass of a very deep dark blue. The contrast was strange on his face. Brownie couldn’t sustain to look at him. He laughed as they carried him away. Once again Brownie was alone in the dark and cold place. She missed the sound of his sad and disturbing melody, she wondered why they were going to do to him, for she would definitely be next. He was a demon and he had powers like most of them but he still hadn’t been able to protect himself against them. He must have been here for a long time because he didn’t seem to have enough strength and will power to try to escape any more. Brownie wondered if the degraded state of his body was the result of punishment for trying to escape or the result of pure cruelty from the demons. No matter which way she looked at it, it was insane to keep someone alive in such a state. But he was probably very useful for them. 
Demons didn’t keep useless stuff around, especially people, the weaker were to be eliminated straight away, it was a way to make sure that bad genes weren’t going to spread, a way of accelerating natural selection and a way to determine who was to govern over them all. She wondered who he was and why they were treating him this way, if he had been useful they should have been nice to him. She almost laughed at her own thought. Being nice wasn’t in the demon nature, being nice was a weakness and therefore no demon was ever to be nice. They had taken her because they needed something from her, not only for revenge. Demons were a vengeful species. It wasn’t rare in the demon world to have entire family devastated by the vendetta. They wanted her to get to the formula, a Magick spell that she had no idea about. It was really easy, she basically knew only two real spell, two only powerful enough spell to be of interest. The first one was a complex extremely dark Magick spell which she wouldn’t throw again except in case of huge necessity, it had allowed her to retrieve Yue’s soul from the Watchers who were after him because he was so special and given birth to Sahel at the same time. She was so desperate and so depressed at that time that it was a miracle that it had been so successful but had the same time, dark Magick loved to get its energy from fear and anger and the deepest and darkest part of your soul. It was a Magick driven by everything negative around you, it was a Magick to create pain and somehow it had created pain because now that Sahel had Yue’s soul, Yue would never be the same again. 
She wondered at time how he was but she knew that the Yue she knew had disappeared a long time ago well before she managed to get his soul back. Even if she was to meet him now, he wouldn’t even recognize her or what they had. In a way she was happy that he was finally out of her life, the last month of their relationship had been a constant agony, a nightmare of every seconds. She had to explain to him who she was every time they met and the more the time passed, the more distant from her he was becoming. She was getting more and more frustrated by having to explain to him everything about them again and again, where and when and how they met, what he had done for her that day, how the had been her helping knight in shining armor. All he could ever say to her was, “really but you’re a human, I hate human, I’m a demon and why are you calling me Yue all the time, it’s not my name, I don’t remember my name but Yue is a girl name, you are really annoying coming here and talking to me like you know me, I don’t like strangers.” And she would try and try again to explain to him that everything he had forgotten she could give it back to him but he wouldn’t listen.

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