Sunday, September 13, 2015

WeWriWar 120: Rainbow Catcher

Welcome to a new excerpt of Rainbow Catcher for the Weekend Writing Warrior and Snippet Sunday

Now let's go back to our story.

Summary of previous episodes: Clarissa is coughing and wanted to watch Everett Cooper on TV but Jason refused, she is due to get her rainbow the next day but she seems scared, to make her feel better Jason leave the TV on. Clarissa tried to explain about rainbows, she is a big fan of Everett Cooper but Jason is not too sure about it. Clarissa complained about her dialophone but Jason needs to go to work. Before completely leaving he is thinking about getting her her rainbow.

We start just where we left off last week.

The fat man made a huge effort to go up and took the rose from the table.
“I’ll call you again when I have the merchandise,” he said, and walked to the door slowly.

And last night he had called. 
It was a brief: "I have it. The day after tomorrow. 2.00pm." in page 217 of the third book in the bar's secret cabinet. Jason wondered how the man had managed to get a rare purple rainbow so rapidly. 

Answer to last week's comments: 

Maybe the man has a good reason not to argue too much. On the other hand, Jason is not going to pay more than necessary because he can't and the man probably noticed that. In some case, better a little money than not at all, but I have to agree it's suspicious.

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  1. I hope he doesn't get the rainbow now ... not worrying too much how the other guy got it.

  2. Oooh.... Can't wait for Jason to open the book... I'm thinking that it's not going to be wht he hopes...

  3. This is a fun story. I think there's more to the fat man than meets the eye.

  4. I SO want a purple rainbow! And I'm a little suspicious that this guy was able to obtain one so fast...complications ahead, no doubt! Enjoying the story...

  5. I hope there's no double cross going on. I'm suspicious of the man.

  6. Interesting. I wonder how he managed to get the rainbow so quickly, too.

  7. Hmmm...sounds very suspicious to me!

  8. Oh yeah, there is definitely something suspicious about the quickness he got that rainbow. Trouble ahead I'm sure.