Sunday, September 6, 2015

WeWriWar 119: Rainbow Catcher

Welcome to a new excerpt of Rainbow Catcher for the Weekend Writing Warrior and Snippet Sunday.  
Then Demon and Fairy is also available for free for reviewers through Shut Up & Read. You can have a look at it here if you want.

Now let's go back to our story.
Summary of previous episodes: Clarissa is coughing and wanted to watch Everett Cooper on TV but Jason refused, she is due to get her rainbow the next day but she seems scared, to make her feel better Jason leave the TV on. Clarissa tried to explain about rainbows, she is a big fan of Everett Cooper but Jason is not too sure about it. Clarissa complained about her dialophone but Jason needs to go to work. Before completely leaving he is thinking about getting her her rainbow.
We start just where we left off last week.

“Well, advertisements say many things, you don’t have to read them so carefully,” the fat man said. This kid was not as easy to deal with as he had imagined. “But I read it carefully enough, so keep up with it.”
The fat man pretended to want to go out, but his weight was too heavy for him and he fell back breathing like a beef on the bench. Decidedly, this wasn’t a good day. He soaked his forehead again with his wet handkerchief which had left a stain on the bar’s wooden table and shook again.
“Alright, where do I deliver?”
“Room 42, children section, Polysky general rainbow hospital,” Jason said.

Answer to last week's comments:

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  1. He's done a lot to get a rainbow. Hope it helps.

  2. Yes, she's getting her rainbow. Let's hope she'll feel better soon

  3. Such an unusual story, love all the details!

  4. I love the way Jason stood his ground. Great descriptions, too.

  5. He gave in? Just like that? Huh, I was expecting more of an argument on the bargaining. I mean, he IS the seller and would want the money.

  6. You certainly got your point across about how disgusting the man is between his weight and the sweat; not quite sure how to picture "he fell back breathing like a beef on the bench" but again, it made me think he's kind of huge.

  7. No, the kid isn't a push over. Good for him. I do hope the fat man delivers the rainbow as he's supposed to.

  8. Interesting. Your descriptions bring the big man to life.