Saturday, June 13, 2015

Azone doll : Lil' Fairy Vel, special doll show limited version

I got this Vel at the doll show 43. The first thing I did there was to queue to get her. I wasn't too sure I liked the original Vel version of the 2nd Lil' Fairy series. As I prepare this post, I'm still wandering if I want her or not, the thing is only her hair are different from this version.
I was pretty happy to get the doll show version, I think it's pretty special to have a limited doll. I mean I have other limited doll but having this one was a bit like that time when I queue (by accident) to get an Harry Potter book on the day of released in the middle of the night. Just queuing with everyone who came here for her was already a thrill. 
That being said she is a lot cuter in person than on the official picture. She has a darker pink blushing compared to Lipu. That makes her the extrovert Lil' Fairy of the two (as I'm writing this I'm still waiting for Erunoe, I can't wait to have the three of them together.)
Here are the pictures!

 First, Lipu discovered that there was another Lil' Fairy
"Oh, but why are you prisoner in this plastic case?"
 So Lipu went to call Aoto. And she had to get on top to open the box but she was too small obviously so she needed a little bit of help.
 Alright, she got the box open now, good job! Aoto lost his hat in the process.
Here is Vel getting freed.
 She has really amazing hair and eyes and blushing.
I put her shoes on and here we go. 
 Lipu changed into her original Lil' Fairy clothing for the picture. "Hello!"
 And, the three of them together.

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