Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Special doll show 43

Yesterday I went to the doll show 43 in Hamamatsucho. We arrived at the opening time around 11 am and left 3 hours later when I ran out of battery for my camera and we finished to visit the 4 floor. 

My main point in going to the doll show was that I wanted to get the new limited  lil' Fairy Vel sold there exclusively. I wanted to see the new pullip Alura of course and Uranus and Neptune from their Sailor Moon collection and I wanted two wigs for boys/ I got only one for my Namu which will probably look weird with his traditional Chinese Fung Fu outfit, which means sewing more for me to get him new clothes, but I couldn't get a black wig for my Taeyang MIO kit. This is so hard to find, I'll have to check etsy.

Anyway enough about me. The show was awesome. I started with getting Vel first thing and that was good thinking, I think she was sold out when I left. While queuing I walked through the azone expo, with the new Kikipop prototype and the new Ex cute series and the big Madoka 50 cm.
Then I went through all the floors, took pictures, answered a questionnaire about Pullip to get free goodies. It was forbidden to take picture of the Pullips exposed but seriously, they have a new Alice in Steampunk World coming quite to die for (two pullip and a Dal) and there were a lot of pullips exposed, probably prototypes for the future, a new black and red Alice series with the cutest Cheshire cat, traditional costume, fancy fashion costumes, it was awesome. I voted for an Isul with crazy hair. You can see a little bit of them on the last picture which I edited.

It was better than the winter session. I think. Maybe because it was my second time around and I knew what to except a little better, maybe because it was easier for me to relate to big dolls now that I have one. I'll show you the unboxing of Amane some Saturday, if you can't wait until the schedule reach this blog, you can always go see the pictures here

Anyway, here are the pictures of the doll show, enjoy.
As they are a lot of them, they are embed from my Facebook page album. If you have a problem viewing them, please go to the Facebook page for Doll and Amigurumi

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