Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Wednesday Snippet: Demon Soul 22

Hello and welcome to a new part of Demon World unedited. Last week I said Brownie and Sahel agreed, hum, maybe I spoke a little bit too fast. It seemed that Sahel was just trying to be nice... oh boyfriends!

Sahel was somehow in a bad mood. His wings were hurting from the uncomfortable night on the bed. He was still thinking about his conversation with the teacher, his failure of finding anything in the library and Brownie having nightmare about dead demons coming back to life. It was insane, who could have so much in a single night. He was grumbling turning his spoon relentlessly in his cup of coffee. He used to drink tea all the time, just because Brownie loved tea but recently, he had started to drink coffee at the school with Azazel and had carried the habit home. He hated coffee, it was tasting disgusting, just like dirt that you would pour hot water on and drink but he liked the philosophy of drinking it. He had tried to explain it to Brownie but she didn’t get it, every time he was sitting in front of her, torturing himself with his coffee cup at breakfast, he was reminded of that crazy conversation.
“I don’t see why, I should do something I don’t like for a philosophical concept, it doesn’t make sense. I don’t like coffee, I know about the idea but I think that the fact that I can’t drink coffee without vomiting is a prove that I should find a philosophy that suit me better,” she had said.
“But great people drink coffee, great people, hard working people, people who are fighting against sleep to do something important drink coffee, writers drink coffee, medicine students drink coffee, everybody with a purpose drink coffee,” he had replied a bit offended.
“Drinking coffee isn’t what makes them who they are, they are making themselves who they are, they decide to be great, it has nothing to do with coffee. Drinking coffee is not like infusing your brain or body with greatness, so I’d rather feel great while drinking something I like,” she had answered.
He had sighted and left the room with his cup of coffee, he needed to think. He didn’t really know about what but people were thinking while drinking coffee and she was making it impossible. He took a sip and turned around to come back, he needed sugar. He added sugar in his cup for the third time, his cup was almost cold and the sugar didn’t melt easily.
“I want a stone too,” he said.
Brownie raised her eyebrows looking at him strangely.
“I want a stone that can make sure nothing would stop my powers from working,” he said. “That’s possible? Right? I can get one like that!”
“Hum”, Brownie muttered.
He looked at her interrogatively, she seemed to be thinking.
“Hum”, she repeated.
He seemed to be losing patience slowly.
“It exists or not?” he asked. “Hum, which power?” she asked scratching her head.
“Forget it!” he said staring back at his coffee.

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