Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Tuesday Cinema: Abduction

Hello and welcome to a new Tuesday cinema. This week we will be talking about a movie for teens. I guess we can say that's the equivalent of YA literature as a movie even though is is called an action Thriller. 

The story: Nathan Harper doesn't feel like he belongs. He has a repetitive dreams that looks more like an horrible memory. He finally discovers a picture of himself as a child on a website for people who disappeared. When he is ready to confront his parents about it, they are attacked by mysterious people and killed in the process. Nathan run away to protect himself, his neighbor and try to discover what's going on with his life.

My feelings: With the story going this way and with the film classed as action Thriller, I was expected more something of the line of the Bourne ultimatum. Instead it's a nice action movie with a mystery but still a bit too childish and designed for a younger public, after all, the main character is only 18 and can't really be a super top spy. However he still manage to pull it off which means it was more design like a young adult book that like a thriller. It was not a bad movie but it didn't mean my expectation and I was a bit disappointed about the turn of even when the adoptive parents die.


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