Tuesday, April 14, 2015

60/365 (2) Theora in the wood.

60/365 (2) Theora in the wood.
Today I had a short photo session with Theora, finally. I didn't take much shots though as it was super cold and we were caught by the rain. The weather is so gloomy lately, I wonder if we are going to go directly from winter to the rainy season without even getting spring. Not that winter was much fun this year I couldn't even get snow pictures like I did last year. Anyway. I took Theora with me today and I stopped near the jonquil and some other yellow flowers as planed however the best pics is probably this one where she is sitting on a cut tree trunk. A lot of trees have been cut over the last few months. I'm thinking of taking my ninja dolls for pictures in that area.

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