Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Tuesday Cinema: The golden compass

Hello and welcome to a new Tuesday Cinema. Today I wanted to make a post about Van Helsing, but it was so bad, so terrible, so awful that I actually watched another movie for the post. So instead I'm going to tell you about The Golden Compass, which was a lot better.

Story: There are a lot of parallel worlds, all different, all linked together by dust. Lyra's uncle leaves to the far North in quest of the truth about dust. At the same time dark forces are at work and want to free themselves and the children from the control of the demons, a little animal that walks along everyone from birth and carry their soul. Roger, Lyra's friend is captured by the Gobblers and Lyra must find him before they remove his demon. But the Magisterium is conspiring to end tolerance and free inquiries and they want more than everything the Golden Compass sayer of truth that Lyra carries.

My feeling: It was a wonderful adventure filled with awesome concepts. First, there were three different older clans, the witches, the Gyptians and the ice bear all with a past and rules and different sort of magical powers. Then there was all the science behind the dust and the was the universe is ruled. There was also a powerful antagonist in the Magisterium and a lot of politics involved for Lyra to make allies. And finally my favorite part was the demons walking beside every character as different animals, changing shapes for the children, but already decided for the adults, helping and acting like the consciousness of the character in good or bad. It was really a nice movie.


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