Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Wednesday Snippet: Demon World 6

Davon walked to Yue’s table. Yue was repeating his magic trick for Lonan again and again, to see if the young demon was able to figure out the solution on his own. Torsti was playing with his hammer, turning it on the floor, making rays of static electricity appear as the hammer slowly hit the rocks on the uneven cave ground. Odeon was looking in the distance, Davon couldn’t imagine what his thoughts were. 
“You are here already, I’m sorry I couldn’t come to greet you,” he said. 
He had to be careful. Dealing with Yue was one thing, but having four of them in the room was making him feel extremely tense. 
“We made it so”, Torsti answered. 
“We weren’t sure to like the place, so we wanted to see for ourselves,” Lonan continued not even looking at him, he seemed absorbed in Yue’s trick. 
“It’s the best place for you to be I heart that you…” Davon started. 
He didn’t have time to finish that Odeon interrupted him. 
“That’s for us to decide.”

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