Saturday, February 14, 2015

Amigurumi Tachikoma

Happy Valentin's Day! 
Today on the blog no little heart and pink stuff everywhere, instead, I'm going to introduce the Tachikoma, tada!!!! 
It's one of my favorite characters in Ghost in the Shell and my boyfriend loves it too, so I made it for him for Valentin's Day. Lucky?

This is the size of it. It's small but not too small and I can carry it around easily. 
 It took me some time to have it stand. I didn't wire it so I had to go back and strenghten even legs by resewing them tighter through the grey part to the body. But finally it can stand, even on uneven surface.
It's ass is a little heavy, so it falls kind of low at the back.
 Here is a kind of above view of the tachikoma.
 It looks totally cool !!
 Ready to kill you!

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