Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Editing Frenzy: Prompt 3 POV

That's when we are going to check who says what and why and why they say it.

Explanation for each POV.

For first person POV:
1) make sure the narrator doesn't talk about things they are not supposed to know
2) make sure the narrator doesn't read minds but only body language
3) make sure the narrator doesn't describe herself/himself (cause that's annoying): I let my trousers fall along my incredibly, irresistible toned butt while my deep hazel eyes looked at her all over... like really? O.o
If you decide to go for some head-hopping... I never did it in first POV so no idea but make sure that the reader knows who is talking.

For third person limited:
1) make sure it's limited, like John can't know what Sally is doing on the other side of the city. But you can switch to Sally's POV which is fine; in that case make sure to write in her voice (slight change of vocabulary).
2) For several characters in limited make sure to use their voice with their specific vocabulary at all time. If you are doing Head-hopping like me, it's easier to read that way and more realistic. If you separate the different POV in chapter it's a little bit easier to handle in that case you need to have a consistency check (that you don't shift POV that is).

For third person omniscient:
1) make sure you don't shift into third limited. I never did it so I'm not too sure how I would check it but that would probably be the main point.

If you are crazy enough for a multi-character head-hopping madness: 
Check each sentence to verify who you are with and why it's the best suited POV for that particular scene. No choice buddy that's a tough one.

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