Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Blue Angel 16 (NaNoWriMo 2013)

So I spent the evening locked in a room with three vampire, one wizard (that you won't see but I assure you he was there), a Fairy, a moon princess, five demons and a particularly high up human witch. And here is the result, 2675 words more.

The all argument was about figuring out who is going to the Fairy World to retrieve Kelpie from the mad white Fairy queen and it came up with Sahel, Brownie, Samira and Isakael.
I have absolutely no idea on how they are going to get along over there, the rest of my demons were pretty reticent about going and Viorel is still too busy with the portal while Dylan can't take the sunlight. Thing is everyone agrees that Seti and Kallisto could absolutely not go and Sahel wasn't supposed to set foot in the Fairy World either. This might be fun especially, don't forget that Isakael has a reason on his own to travel over there.

Have a nice read! 

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