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不能說的秘密 (secret)

En français
不能說的秘密 is a romantic Taiwanese movie from 2007 directed, written and played by the musician Jay Chou.

Ye Xianglun is a piano student who just transfer 淡江中學 (Tamkang (Danjiang) Secondary School), a school famous for talented musician, especially in piano. On his first day he meets Lu Xiaoyu another piano student playing a strange melody on the oldest piano of the school. She told him that it is a secret, and that he should never play this melody on this piano pretexting that it's not good enough. They start a mysterious relationship as Lu Xiaoyu seems to be sick and often disappears. When a mis-passed notes leads to Xianglun to accidentally kiss Qing Yi, Xiaoyu disappears again leading Xianglun to look for her, she comes back for graduation before disappearing again leading Xianglun to discover her secret. However the old piano room is to soon be destroyed.

I really like this movie because the music is beautiful and the story is also touching and funny at time. The character of Lu Xiaoyu is captivating due to her secret and she face the incomprehension of a lot of people including her mother and teacher who she trusted. Also even if he doesn't understand everything Xianglun is always trying his best to be there for her. There are very interesting musical part such as for example the piano battle.

Casting :

周杰倫 (周杰伦) (Jay Chou) as 葉湘倫 (Ye Xianglun)
桂綸鎂 (桂纶镁) (Kwai Lun-mei) as 路小雨 (Lu Xiaoyu)
黄秋生 (黄秋生) (Anthony Wong Chau-sang) 小倫爸爸: Xianglun's father
曾愷玹 (曾恺玹) (Alice Tzeng) as 晴依 (Qing Yi)
宋健彰 (Devon Song) as 阿宝/阿寶 (Abao)
黃俊郎 (黄俊郎) (Huang Junlang) as 阿郎 (Alang)
詹宇豪 (Yuhao Zhan) as 雨豪 (Yu Hao)

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