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미안하다, 사랑한다 (I'm Sorry, I Love You)

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미안하다, 사랑한다 is a Korean drama in 16 episodes from 2004. That's the first drama in the revenge genre, the second of the series is 이 죽일놈의 사랑. 

Cha Moo Hyuk was adopted by an Australian family when he was a baby. In the interview at the beginning of the series he seems to be the only one who doesn't want to take revenge on his parents for abandoning him thinking that they must have had a really good reason for it.
When his girl-friend gets married to a rich guy and he gets shot in the head he flew to Korea. The bullet can't be remove from his head changing slowly his personality. He discovers that his birth mother is in fact a famous actress  Oh Deul Hee. Seeing that she didn't have a good reason for abandoning him he will try to take revenge on her and her son Choi Yune. But he falls in love with Choi Yune's coordinator Song Eun Chae.

 Casting :

소지섭 as Cha Moo Hyuk 
임수정 as Song Eun Chae  (I'm a Cyborg, but it's Ok,  A Tale of Two Sisters)
정경호 as Choi Yune  
서지영 as Kang Min Joo 
최여진 as Moon Ji Young   (Love In Magic)
이혜영 as Oh Deul Hee
이영하 as Song Dae Chun (Sang Doo, Let's Go To School)
김혜옥 as Jang Hye Sook (Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Si Do, My Little Bride)  
신구 as Min Hyun Suk (Natural City
Park Gun Tae as Kim Kal Ji (Don't Believe Her)

I really like this drama especially because there are several things unexpected. Also because the people are changing their initial plans. I also really like the music.
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