Sunday, August 31, 2008

내츄럴 시티 : Natural city

En français

내츄럴 시티 (Natural city) is a movie by Min Byeong-cheon (2003), Staring Yoo Ji-tae ( Wonderful Days, Oldboy, Antartic Journal, Sympathy for Lady Vengeance, Into the mirror),
서 린 (Seo Lin) (A secret scandal),
정은표 (Jeong Eun-pyo) (Hong Gil Dong, Loveholic, Into the mirror),
정두홍 (Jeong Doo-hong) (Arahan, Blood rain and Il mare (cascade))
and 이재은Lee Jae-eun (Miss Mermaid)

R loves Ria. The problem is that it's year 2080 in Megacity and Ria is a cyborg. Cyborg are due to expire after three years and Ria only has few days left. To save her R need to find a young prostitute called Cyon to transfer Ria's memory into her body. But how far can he go for love ? Would he do anything, even bettraye his friends trying to stop the rebelling cyborgs ?

I really like this movie that show, the passion and deseperance of impossible love.
The music is also very beautiful.
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