Friday, August 29, 2008

Iceland : Þingvellir

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After a good bath in the Blue Lagoon we decided to go to sleep in a camping in Reykjavik. We get up the next morning a 7.30am to go to Þingvellir.
There we can see the faille where the American geologic plaque is separated from the European one.
All around it's all plain. That the place where was the Icelandic parliament.

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  1. last month i travelling from hongkong to tibet,xian,beijing and shanxi. this trip wonderful for me.welcome to china, here you can get amazing experience to you, caues my coutry had be wonderful nature and different culture.

  2. I know, China is amazing. I really want to go to Asia in general but I can figured out how to do that yet.
    I don't even know where I'm gonna end up after my PhD.