Wednesday, January 6, 2010

JanNoWriMo challenge : "Attic Mirror" part 1

After the success of NaNoWriMo in November and NaNoFiMo in December during which I wrote Demon Soul. I decided to continue writing and to register for JanNoWriMo (January Novel Writing Month). Basically it works the same way as NaNoWriMo except that you don't have to start a new Novel, you can continue an old one, and you don't have to write 50000 words but you can choose the number of words that you want. Look at their FAQ, it explains it all better than me.
Anyway, as I finished my novel already, I decided to start a new one. It will be a bit different this time, but you will still recognise the characters you previously met in Demon Soul, for those of you who read it. The main character is not Brownie anymore, it's Hitomi. She is a writer and like to experience a lot on her topic before actually writing something. She is going to discover a magic mirror in the attic. So the name of this novel is Attic Mirror I won't tell you more about it and I will just let you discover the first part of the story.
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Stats : 2577 words

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