Friday, November 28, 2008

Amigurumi Hello Kitty mini mini 2

En français
I made some very small Hello Kitty amigurumis few month ago. (For more detail about them see here). One is on my mp3 player, so on me all the time obviousy as I'm addicted (on purpose) to listening Korean as much as I can. So my Russian teacher saw it.
Yeah, I'm learning Russian as well for some reasons like I want to take the Trans-Siberian train from Москва́ (Moscow) to 北京(Beijin)via Улаанбаатар (Ulan Bator). I kind of like trains... You can see Ulan Bator written in Mongolian on the first picture. I really like Mongolian script, I think it looks very nice.
And I want to be able to read Russian classical litterature in Russian... I'm still very far from it.

Anyway, my Russian teacher saw the little kitty and really really liked it. The first time I brought something to class that was the big Eeyore and since she can't stop knitting. I send her the pattern for kitty but they are in Japanese, so a bit difficult. So finally I made a kitty for her and she was very happy. Here are the pictures.


  1. The kitty's so cute~!

    Hmm.. well, an A=advanced, B=proficient, C=basic, D=below basic, F=failing. At least I don't have an F, but my reports still not really good >_<

    I don't really know what precalculus is either, but I guess it's like the basics before we take calculus. We're mostly learning trigonometry, identities, cosine/sine/tan/etc. right now.

  2. OK, so I can help with precalculus if you need... I'm good at trigonometry, and cosine/sine stuff.
    If you give me you're address I'll knit something for you. You can send it as a comment on my blog, it will arrive as a email and I won't publish it.

  3. Hi Linda !

    I didn't read your blog for a long time because of work...

    Your Kitty is really great !!