Friday, June 6, 2008

Miyazaki's 猫の恩返し (The Cat Returns)

En français
I already told you that I was a Miyazaki fan. 猫の恩返し ( The Cat Returns )is one of Miyazaki animation movie. In fact it's directed by Hiroyuki Morita from Miyazaki's project. After saving the prince of the Cat Kingdom from a car accident, Haru, a 17 year old high-school girl is invited to the cat's kingdom.
To protect her from the terrible Cat King, she decides to ask for the help of the Cat Bureau.
The Cat Bureau is owned by the famous Baron Humbert von Gikkingen a status of a cat who posses a soul.
And the only other member seems to be a gluttonous cat named Muta.
Baron also appears in 耳をすませば, ( Whisper of the Heart )
The Cat King borrow the voice of 丹波 哲郎 (Tetsuro Tamba) who appear in the TV Drama Miyamoto Musashi
Yuki, a white servant cat of the Cat Kingdom and friend of Haru takes the voice of Aki Maeda (リンダ リンダ リンダ)
An other Miyazaki's of a totally different kind but also involving cat is
魔女の宅急便 ( Kiki's Delivery Service. )

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