Saturday, April 5, 2008


En français

I'm a big fan of Japanese animation and I really like Hayao Miyazaki's movies. So how could I resist to knit some Totoro's ? You can see a complete description of "となりのトトロ" Tonari no Totoro, My Neighbor Totoro here but it's in french.
The main Totoro has become a mascot for Studio Ghibli so you can see him in the start of the movies. As for Harold the dragon the patterns can be found here.

Sebastien says that the white Chibi-Totoro seems to want to run everywhere.

I also would like to knit a big brown Totoro and the ネコバス (catbus). And also Baron Humbert von Gikkingen from "猫の恩返し" neko no ongaeshi, The Cat Returns Takao Kobayashi also named an asteroid Totoro in 1994.

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