Saturday, June 7, 2008

Interrail 2005 : København

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We woke up in the middle of the night, had a little breakfast and walked to the train station. We finally took a train to Bad Klinen where we change train. We changed again in Lübeck and there near get confuse and took a train to Kiel.
Finally after some hours the train stop in a kind of hangar. After few minutes we realized that we are alone in the train, and that there still is some motor noises. So we decided to go out of the train as well. In fact the "hangar" is a boat and we are actually in the middle of the see.
We appreciated the fresh air and looked at the seagull. We later go back to the train direction København.
There we first change money, find a place for our big bags, look for a map of the city without succes and eat something, for the next two days : Brioche, compote. Really back to usual days !!!

We walked near Tivoli and the
Rådhus place, the challenge was to find the little mermaid without plan.

inally we could take a picture of a map to help us in our search.
We also walked along the famous Ny Havn full of tourist.
As I was in København before I remembered a bit so we ended up finding the "Lille Havfrue" So we took pictures in the middle of two buses of Japanese tourists. The walk in the park lead us to the beautiful Frihedsmuseet fountain. We continued to walk in the city center and along a river seing two swans with their babies. We tried to wait for the sunset but it was taking too long, of course we are in theNorth .
We finished the days in the København train station, that I hate so much, to play cards and take our train to
As Ålborg didn't seems very touristic we didn't book the places in the train. That was a big mistake and we stayed up all night. So good to have a great day tomorrow.
Danemark is really the country of bicycle, and they have a special name for the color of the mailbox, unfortunately I couldn't find it anywhere, if some know please tell me !!!

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