Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Wednesday Snippet 187: Blue Angel

Welcome to a new part of Blue Angel unedited, we start right where we left off last time.

“You can't be an angel, your wings are blue,” he said, “just leave me alone.”
“I don't know why my wings are this way. They said I was a bad angel but I didn't do anything wrong,” she said sniffling again. Apparently it was a sensitive topic. “Please let me look at your checks, if I don't cure it, things will get a lot worse.”
Kelpie left bloody fingers to his check where the fairy queen had punched it, it was still swallowed.
“Your hands too,” the angel said.
“If you cure me, it will get a lot worse for you, you'll get hurt, that's what happens to the angel I know at least, why do you want to cure me and get hurt for? You don't even know me,” Kelpie said.
“Because that's what angels do, we have to cure people no matter how painful it is,” she said.
“I never heart of that one,” Kelpie answered.
“It's my duty, if I'm a bad angel, my wings will get even bluer, that's what they say, I need to follow my duty,” she answered.
“That's stupid,” Kelpie said, “Why follow something that hurts you?”
It was one things to be cure and he would have liked that, but hurting a girl in the process wasn't as appealing and at least while talking about hr, she wasn't retrieving any information from him.
It's the will of god that you were hurt, if I cure you, I need to be punished because I went against his will, that's why I take your pain, because it asked me too,” she tried to explain but the concept didn't really go through Kelpie's head so well, for him it was really all truly nonsensical.
“So God hurt me so that he could hurt you without letting you know,” he answered.
“Oh no, he wouldn't do anything like that really, he is really, really nice,” she answered.
“Well if he is that nice, why are you in this creepy place? You seem to do everything he says.” Kelpie said.

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