Friday, April 20, 2018

Iroadoll Momo Review

Today I have a special doll because she is not mine. She is my friends doll that I got for her at the last idoll last month. 
The plan was to get the review done with the other dolls that I bought then but I accientally erase part of the video. That annoyed me a lot so procrastinated on recording it again (as well as the videos of the lil'fairies and Ariel, very bad me.) 
Anyway, this is Momo from Iroadoll, a Korean company. They are pretty hard to get and get really expensive on the second hand/resell market so it's way better to get them directly from the companies at event. 
She is quite cute and comes with a hat, dress, underwear, socks, shoes. She has five basic points of articulation, so a lot less than the doll I generally present here.

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