Friday, January 19, 2018

Vlog #88: Tour of the Mirai Store (Smart Dolls!)

Today I have something really special for you. Something I was asked for but also something I meant to do for a while: Visit the Mirai Store!
I found out that the Mirai store was near Shinagawa (yes, not Akihabara duh!) So since I had to go to Shinagawa to get my visa paper work done, I decided to take the opportunity to stop at the Mirai store at the same time.
It was my first time at the Mirai store and it was sort of my first time seeing smart dolls from so close. I mean I saw them at doll events before but there was always to many people for me to get close to them enough to have a detail look and take good picture.
Well today was my lucky day. The Mirai Store has a lot of doll exposed in all shape, color and with different outfit and I could take as many pictures as I wanted.
I also wanted to talk to Danny Choo but I had a heavy crisis of shyness and didn't figure out how to introduce myself. I guess I was also a bit starstruck. I'll try to do better next time. (I still have to go back to pick up my visa, hehe)
I'm still not sure which Smart Doll I want (all of them? :) ). But for some reason Ikki was really interested in knowing which one I like the best... he didn't take notes though so I'm not sure what he meant by that. (Yes, he generally takes notes, then I end up with giant teddy bears...)

Anyway guys, I hope you enjoy this video. I'll have the pictures uploaded on my facebook page too so you can have a better look.
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