Thursday, January 4, 2018

Thursday Fiction 148: Parallel Slip

Welcome back to a new part of Parallel Slip, where we follow the adventure of Frederique through her slip in different parallel universes.

Let's start right where we left off last week.

"Never, ever do anything for my brother. That's a warning. You give him this," she pointed at her wrist, "and he'll take his," she pointed at her elbow and moved up to her shoulder.
I started to imagine lieutenant Fin taking my entire arm if I was ever to hold his hand and that wasn't a bad feeling at all, but Alex was not lieutenant Fin, at least not the version I liked and who I might never meet again. I suddenly felt like I wanted to be Michelle so bad. Her version of me seemed to have everything, a dad who had been there all her life, a way to get knowledge a lot more easily because there universe already had spaceship, and lieutenant Fin.
"The problem with Alex is that he knows what he wants," Amy continued as I listen only with one ear thinking about my absence of black out and wanting to go to the spaceship. "He knows it so bad that he won't let anything come in his way and he want it so bad that he would use everyone to get to it. I told you I copied my homework on him, well in exchanged I had to do his cores, which means maybe that I become super good at cores like a girl from the 40ties and in exchange he became really good at studying. And I think that's unfair. I mean I agreed to that becasue it was a lot easier to get the cores done than to do the homework and because just thinking about doing the homework was almost killing me with anxiety but he knew it, all along. He knew that he was gaining something invaluable in return and I didn't I thought it was all equivalent but half of what's in his head should be in mine by now and it isn't and I'll have to play catch up."
"So when did you figure that out?"
"Figure out what?"
"That you were wasting your time doing his core while he gain all the knowledge?"
"When I saw your room earlier," Amy said.
"My room? What's about it, it's just the same as yours."
"Well, you have books in there and all those notebooks and I have shoes. I made my bed in the morning, I cleaned the dishes away, I even swept the floor before leaving because there were some dirt from last night as I had something under my shoes. You didn't do all that," Amy said.
"Because I woke up sorta feeling funny," I said for my defense, she was somehow implying that my room was not clean enough and I knew it wasn't and I knew that if my mum saw it she would get me straight back home and complain all the way how I couldn't take care of myself.

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