Thursday, January 18, 2018

Azone Review: Piconeemo Koron Snotty Cat IV, Excute 12th series (with video)

Here is the review of the little piconeemo Koron Snotty Cat IV Excute series 12th and yeah I could have just said here is pico Koron but I sort of absolutely love giving all the details of the doll because I think it sounds cool.
This little Koron is the piconeemo version of the regular XS size pure neemo version of excute Koron.
As you can see they are super similar like a down scale. But there are also some difference that I pointed out in this video and I will have a better comparison video later on.
She comes with a sweater including a fake shirt, a skirt, boots, socks, beany and a jacket as well as 4 extra pairs of tiny little hands.

She is really super cute.
Here is the video

And here are some pictures

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