Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Wednesday Snippet: Demon World 151

Welcome to a new part of Demon World unedited, we start right where we left off last time.

“That’s your chance to go get Brownie in the demon world, and you can give your little gift to your boyfriend, please be my guests”, Viorel said.
Dylan smirked. Vampire humor, you had to like it, but he knew that Viorel was really pissed off and that it was better not to get in his way now.
“If you think I’m going to enter that thing…” Evalynn started, but she was interrupted when something actually came out. The creature was really small and his skin was deep orange, he had huge rabbit-like ears on the top of his head but they were hair less and seemed to be rotating on themselves as to capture where the noise was coming from.
“What the hell is that?” Dylan said laughing.
“It’s cute”, Dacian answered, “can I keep it?”
Evalynn jumped as far away from creature as she could.
“Only if you want to go blind”, she answered.
The creature was looking at the room carefully while his ears were successively pointing in the direction of the person speaking.
Viorel grabbed it by the ears and threw it back in the vortex. It seemed to be moving in very slow motion becoming smaller and smaller.
“No, I said I wanted to keep it”, Daciana complained.
“It’s ok sweetie, I’ll get you a better one, with a fur, so that it’s softer to touch”, Dylan said cuddly.

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