Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Azone Doll Review: Lil'fairy Clum (with video)

Today, I have a new lil'fairy with me. Not only is she a new lil'fairy because she was the last lil'fairy released but she is also the first version of Clum to be released.
Clum is Riam's little sister. She is wearing the same type of Steampunk outfit Riam and Neily were wearing when they first came out. She is really similar to Riam with short blond hair.
She is on the Sister D body so she has a lot of flexibility.
I think she is adorable and I'm really happy that azone decided to make little sister for Neily and Riam too. Now I'm waiting for her friend Luti to arrive. 

Here is the video

Here are some pictures


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