Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Doll Review: Sugar Dream Miu Blue Unicorn (with video)

Today let's have a look at the new Azone Excute Sugar Dream Miu, the blue Unicorn! 
I don't actually know what Azone is doing but it all started with two collaboration dolls with MAKI, the Sugar Dream Koron AKA rabbit and the Sugar Dream Chiika that would be the cat. I'm calling them that because that's the animal on their T-shirt. 
They were super cute so of course, I got them both, Chiika is still on pre-order list so she should be arriving at the end of the month. 
But then... They came out with two more Sugar Dream dolls, the Unicorn Miu.. because they have a unicorn on their T-shirt, obviously. They are also wearing the pastel clothes which are basically the same than Koron's and Chiika's except for the colour. The two Mius are for the 3rd year anniversary. Actually, it's the anniversary of the renewal of radio kaikan in Akihabara and at the same time of the Azone Akihabara store. 
So we now have four dolls in the Sugar Dream Series. Are they going to make more? Is it the actual new excute series following the Otogi no Kuni series? Shall we expect to see all the excute family coming out as Sugar Dream? I don't know. Personally I don't really think so as the outfit seem too similar to me to be able to keep it up for all the excute but I guess we never know.

So I went to pick up the Mius at the azone store. It was super crowded but I managed. Here is the video of the pick up and box opening of both:

I really like Miu which is a bit weird because I'm generally not the hugest fan of semi closed eyes on Azone dolls. I think that the blue hair combinating really work well with her this time. She has a sort of 80ties feel to her with the shape of her clothes and the pastel color. I think azone did a good job making her a unicorn because people are a bit crazy about unicorns lately, I'm not sure why. 
I like that she comes in a full purple and pink outfit too. She also has a bag that says Cute on it.

You can check Sugar Dream Miu Mint Unicorn review in French here.

Here is the review video

And here are some pictures


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