Friday, July 14, 2017

Cu poche Box Opening and Review: Belle (with video)

Today, I'm opening my first Cu-poche.
I got little Belle here at AK-garden, you might have seen the vlog of it. I actually wanted Belle, Anne and Cherry for a while but I didn't get them and I decided to grab the limited Alice at AK-garden but ended up with the two versions of Alice and little Belle here.
Belle is the one with the blue hair and I find it really funny now that I think of it because all the nendoroid I opened so far also have blue hair.
The Cu-poche are tiny no-scale figure but I would say sort of 1/12is hybrids with big heads compared to their body. They are a bit taller than the nendoroids and have articulated body as well as wearing fabric clothes. They are also way smalled than the lil'fairies. I think they are super cute.

Here is the video

And here are some pictures.

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