Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Wednesday Snippet: Demon World 115

Welcome to a new part of Demon World unedited, we start right where we left off last time.
For the first time he really felt alone, he should have protected Davon, at least Davon had been trustful all the way. He hated his demon nature at time, it was forcing him to be alone. This time there was no ally in sight. He decided to sleep a bit for the moment. He took his notebook in the drawer of the bed side table and opened it to the next page. It was filled with notes that he didn’t even remember writing. He just knew that it was there because he had taken the habit to write what he could remember of the day just before sleeping. He never really read himself back because he would forget too but he thought that it might become handy later. He took brief notes about the pills about Davon, about the fight, about who was still alive and who was dead. His last sentence was “Don’t trust Kamaril yet, but use him to get to the witch”, he didn’t want any surprise. He prepared his pills himself and put the notebook open just under the glass of water. He could swallow them without problems without water but he was still thirsty in the morning. He closed his eyes with the intention to sleep and slept game to him as heavy as ever within a second. It was always easy to shut himself down, which was probably the reason why it was so hard to wake up.

“I want that bastard dead”, Torsti was saying for the third time, he was carrying him hammer around in the room and hitting the wall making lightening balls fly in the room form time to time. The power of the hammer was resonating in the room. Lonan was kept busy extinguishing the fire on what the ball would fall.
“And you will, but not just yet”, Odeon answered.
“I want him dead and his witch with him”, Torsti answered hitting the walls again. Lonan jumped on the side and threw a ball of water to the ball of lightening evaporating both of them, he was having a lot of fun.
“I know you’re angry but we can still use him, I want the hunter dead first, and he can help get there, then he will be all yours to play with”, Odeon answered.
“I like Yue”, Lonan said.

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