Saturday, March 18, 2017

Vlog #63: We moved to central Tokyo (with video)

So today we are moving to the center of Tokyo from Fuchu. It's about 1hours and 20 minute drive.
We rented a van to do the move ourselves. This is how we have always done it so we are sort of used to it. (That's about my 20th address.)

The thing is that we need to go back and forth three times but we ran into a bit of a problem when one of Ikki's boss called at midnight the day before to tell him they had a business meeting at the beginning of the afternoon which left me alone to take care of emptying more than half of the van from the first trip. Ikki was also supposed to be back from the meeting around 15:30 but didn't come back until past 17:00. The all thing really stressed out the hell of both of us. 

We got a little help and managed to finish moving everything around midnight. 

Here is the video.

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  1. Ugh..i hate moving. i moved from California back to New York in August. I don't how I survived it.

    Best wishes for your new apartment!

    1. Well at least this time I didn't cross half the country. California to New York seems pretty exhausting.
      I think I won't even start to recover before I'm done with putting everything in places and I don't even have time to do that, grrr.