Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Kikipop Lovers Smile Opening and Review: Marron Brown (with video)

You can't have one Kiki without the other so here we go review number too for our Lovers Smile duo.
This little guy is called Marron Brown. Marron actually means Chestnut in French. so of course he has brown hair. He also has brown eyes, more on a copper kind of colour, it's really pretty. He also has the upper part of his eyes colour black as a sort of eyelid.
He comes with an extra pair of hands, a stand with mushroom drawn on it, a hat, a white shirt with a red ribbon and a little yellow gem stone, a green jacket, green short trousers, black socks and a pair of brown leathery shoes.
Personally between Champagne and Marron, I can't pick a favourite, they are both adorable. 

Here is the video

And here are some pictures.


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