Monday, January 23, 2017

Grail Doll Review: Taeyang Lunatic White Rabbit (with video)

Today for this new grail doll video, I have with me Taeyang Lunatic White Rabbit. Taeyang Lunatic White Rabbit is one of the four dolls in the Lunatic Alice series. He is normally accompanied by the Pullip Lunatic Queen, the Dal Lunatic Alice and the Byul Lunatic Humpty Dumpty. So far, I only have the lunatic white rabbit and the lunatic queen but I hope to get the Dal Lunatic Alice soon enough.
This Alice series is particular because it's the only series that doesn't have a pullip Alice. Instead, Alice is the crazy lunatic queen. They also wear darker colours that any other Alice characters made by Groove.
The Taeyang Lunatic Rabbit is also the only Taeyang rabbit, the rabbit in the other series being Dals (romantic, another and puki) Isul (steampunk and du jardin) and Pullip Classical white rabbit.
I like this rabbit character as a Taeyang not only because he fits in the lunatic series but also because he can play the Laplace's Demon character from the Rozen Maiden with the other Rozen Maiden pullip dolls. 

Here are some pictures

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