Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Wednesday Snippet: Demon World 102

Welcome to a new part of Demon World unedited, we start right where we left off last time.
And he remembered why he had wanted to be a priest. The Inquisition had killed his parents and raised him to become a priest and he had accepted, not for the love of god but to make sure that innocent people wouldn’t have to suffer again. He wanted to be the priest fighting against the priests, from inside. He could hear people crying and yelling out of pain as he was walking in the corridor. He knew that some of his colleagues loved it. There was not only the sense of duty burning in these priests veins, they were not righteously trying to protect people against Satan and to save them, in a lot of them, the self flagellation and hideous self discipline imposed from a young age had been more like torture than an illuminating way of life and now they were taking in back, as a revenge, on people who didn’t have to suffer like they did. There were really few of them ready to really give up the pleasure of the terrestrial life for the love of god, most of them had been forced enrolled as priest by their family. It was good and prestigious to have a son belonging to the church, it was giving the family great advantages, priests received a high education, they could read and they could advice other people. They had the supremacy of thoughts. They were above the masse of mortals and connected to god. But the sweet idea was only dust threw to your eyes to blind you from the true, all that mattered was money and the church had plenty, and plenty more when given everything belonging to the people they arrested after their death, pretesting that it had been touched by Satan and needed purification. It was one of the reasons most people never made it back home after arriving in this place and it was driving Sahel crazy.

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