Saturday, December 10, 2016

Vlog #55 Bjd Doll Love Yan Yan, New Sofa and Table (with video)

Since yesterday I have been moving things around. Yesterday I did a lot of clean up and bringing most of my stuff in the doll corner to remove my previous tables and floor chairs.
Today the sofa and new table were delivered so Ikki helped me to set everything up, no more living Japanese style on the floor for us. With my new spot on the table, I hope to be a bit less jumpy, nothing coming from behind me anymore.
Also, my bjd Doll Love Yan Yan finally arrived after being stuck in China since the 26th of November. So I'm doing a box opening and a small review in this video. She is a lot better than I expected. My You You never seemed as cute as she is on the pictures I think that might be due to her lips color. But my Yan Yan is a a bit cuter in person. Actually Ikki wanted me to get Yan Yan because he liked her on the company pictures better than You You. Ah, I guess he was right.
I also received a part of jeans for Max so I'll be trying them on.
Here are some pictures of Yan Yan.

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